December 16, 2011

Introducing Author: Kai Andersen

Kai Andersen has always loved books. Ever since she could remember, stories have always fascinated her. The humdrum of her life forced her to seek the excitement that could be found in books. As Belle had said (in Disney's Beauty and the Beast), "far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise..." fairies, witches, wizards, what-have-you...What can top that?

Escape from her boring ordinary life doesn't entail shopping-till-I-drop excursions (but this isn't a judgement on those who love these kinds of things!), but journeys into an alternate reality, a fantasy world with kick-ass heroines and warrior-princesses, where women are strong enough to make certain choices and take charge of their destinies, including that scrumptious man they want to spend the rest of their lives with. These are women who do not wait for their 'heroes' and 'princes' to rescue them. They are the ones who save the day! (or try to. )

But let's not forget the mysterious mage with his strong magic and to-die-for body, or the handsome prince with his white charger and unique fighting abilities. And a wicked sense of humor. That is a must!

She loves heroes and heroines with whom she can identify with, i.e. characters who are flawed, who have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, who find love and passion in each other's arms. So, these are the kinds of stories she writes. Or hope to write.


Standalone Titles

Woolf Series

Tales of Enchantment Series

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