August 5, 2012

Edge of Desire by Crimson Fox

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Jaz's colleague Rick is in ardent pursuit of her, and while Rick may be her friend, she doesn't desire him that way. So, she's glad stepbrother Mark is there to dissuade Rick. That's why he kissed her, isn't it? They were merely playacting for Rick. So why does it feel so real? And why does she crave for more?

When Rick continues to pester her, how far would Mark go to protect his stepsister? And when Mark finds himself desiring her as a man does a woman, how is he to protect her from himself?

When they find themselves auditioning for entry into the sex club called Paradise, all bets are off…

Product Warnings: This book teeters on the edge of taboo. Readers may be disturbed by the stepsibling intimacy, though all characters are over the age of 21. It also contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, bondage, voyeurism and public exhibition.

Release Date: August 5, 2012

Formats Available: Kindle

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance, Voyeurism, Public Exhibition

Amazon ASIN: B008TBT1AW

Word Count: 16,853


The loud pounding of his heart drowned out any sound Mark Sheldon might have heard from behind the closed door. Nervous anticipation shot through him as he stared at the dark brown wood panel that barred the way to his home…and the woman who was the cause of his clammy hands and guilty excitement.

He'd been away on a business trip for a week, and her absence during that time only made him more aware of how much he missed her, craved her, longed for her. He hurried through his meetings and crammed them all into six days, so he could get back a day early to the only woman able to tie him up in knots.

His stepsister.

He was such a fuck-up. This was his stepsister he was lusting after, for goodness' sake! True, there was no blood relation between them, but his parents expected him to take care of Jaz, not have sex with her. Moreover, there was Jaz herself, who had always looked upon him as the big brother who could be counted on to protect her. Who was going to protect her from him?

He groaned as shame crawled through him. He should have his head opened up and examined.

How the hell could this happen?

But lust after her he certainly did, and for a long time now. Thus far, he'd been able to hide the desires of his perverted body from her, and he would continue to do so as far as he was able. He'd been protecting her since they were kids, and he was damned if he stopped now. That his body ached with tortured agony each day that passed was his own burden to bear.

Sounds of shouting drifted from behind the closed door.

He snapped to attention. What the—?

Gripping his key, he slipped it into the knob and the door banged open. The tableau froze in his brain. The only thing he saw was that a man was forcing himself on his stepsister. Mark didn't bother with words. Dropping his briefcase, he charged forward and slammed a fist into the man's surprised, upturned face.

Jaz shrieked and dropped to the floor. Satisfied that she was fine, he concentrated on beating the man to a pulp. That was what he deserved and more for assaulting a woman.

"Stop it, Mark, stop it!" Jaz restrained his flying fists.

Mark shuddered, the rage in his gut still burning fierce. "He hurt you."

"Ye—well, no, this-this is my friend, Rick. Remember Rick, from work?" Jaz was running a soothing hand down his back, and she leaned against him as she continued, "We…we were just arguing about something, as friends often do. As we often do."

The other man—Rick—had stood up, one hand holding his bloody nose. Mark was oddly satisfied to see that Rick also sported a split lip and a black eye. "Who the fuck are you?" For a wounded man, Rick was belligerent and aggressive. "You have no right to butt in on our business."

"I have every right!" Mark roared. "Jaz is my—"

"Girlfriend," Jaz interrupted.

Mark stilled. What?!