March 3, 2013

Sun, Sand and Sexy Bodies by Sienna Matthews

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No place is safe from these women...
Who are out to make their wickedest fantasies come true!

Temperature's rising...

Wild and crazy is this year's theme, and nothing's wilder than sex on the beach (not the drink) or crazier than propositioning her grad studies classmates.

The question is: Will Lance and Douglas bite?

Product Warnings: This book contains explicit sexual situation, graphic language, a little exhibitionism and voyeurism, anal sex and ménage a trois (m/f/m).

Series: Wicked Pleasures
Book 1: Sun, Sand and Sexy Bodies

Release Date: March 2, 2013

Formats Available: Kindle

Genre: Contemporary, Menage a Trois (mfm)


Word Count: 9,611 words


“I’ve got a yummy idea.”

Grace didn’t trust the gleam in Lyla’s sea-green eyes.

“We’re twenty-five, ladies, it’s a milestone in our lives.” Lyla, being the youngest, was qualified to make the statement.  “But have we done anything to put a mark on it? Have we done anything crazy that will make us look back with fondness fifty, sixty years from now? Something we can giggle over during our monthly reunions when we’re dangling our grandchildren on our knees?”

“How about the time we joined the swimming marathon when only one of us can truly swim?” Kinsey Hope asked, a smile lifting the corners of her generous mouth.

Piper laughed. “Yup, that’s funny all right. I think Coach Madison wanted to strangle each one of us when we finally completed all the laps.”

“He wouldn’t dare,” Grace said drily, remembering the prank. “Not with the thunderous applause and cheers from the student body.”

Lyla snorted. “Everyone just wanted to get on to the awarding ceremony and the party afterwards. Okay, I’ll grant you it’s crazy, since it was my idea. But we didn’t do it in our twenty-fifth year, so it doesn’t count. C’mon, girls, how about something truly, really crazy for this year?”

“Okay, birthday girl, spill,” Kinsey ordered. “What do you have in mind?”

“How about sex in dangerous places?”

A collective gasp, then hoots of laughter emerged, drawing looks from the other diners.

Lyla loved sex—okay, they all did—but the idea was not only crazy but dangerous. Oh right, wasn’t that one of the criteria?

“Like Afghanistan?” Kinsey queried.

Grace couldn’t believe her friends were seriously considering it.

“No, no. We don’t want to lose our lives over it, when we have many more years of sexing to go. Not ‘dangerous’ per se, but unusual, meaning not in the bedroom,” Lyla explained, warming to her topic. “Like…the park. Or the movie theater. Or…c’mon ladies, some suggestions here!”

“Horseback?” queried Piper.

“Good!” Lyla crowed. “Didn’t know you have it in you.”

Piper made a face. “Read it in a book once. The heroine felt all kinds of delicious sensations…or so the author said.”

“Maybe you can find out for us.” Kinsey giggled.

“Well, I’d have to learn how to ride a horse first—”

“Isn’t that like riding Flynn?” Grace cut in, all solemn and serious.

Flynn Michaels was Piper’s longtime boyfriend.

Shocked splutters, before laughter rang out from Kinsey and Lyla. Soon, even red-faced Piper joined them. Lyla gasped. “You go, girl!”

Grace beamed, her smile spreading from one side of her face to the other. Her friends thought her conservative, and maybe she was, but she could dish it out like the best of them. She didn’t do it often though, because she liked to shock them every once in a while.

“While you’re on a roll,” Lyla continued, “why don’t you give me one?”

A news article in today’s papers gave her an idea. “Hot air balloon?”

Lyla nodded slowly. “Not bad. Has potential. Though you might be roped into doing a threesome with the balloon operator.” She snickered. “I know the perfect location for you—the library.”

No way. She’d never be able to study there again without remembering the sweaty adventure. What if she got caught? Her library privileges may get suspended and she couldn’t afford it, not right now when she just had one more year to go on her graduate studies.

“You’re forgetting one thing, Ly,” Grace spoke, caught up in the idea but not wanting to abandon being the voice of reason yet. Or maybe it was her conservative side acting up. “Only Piper has a boyfriend she can rope into this mad scheme.”

Lyla laughed outright. “You don’t need a boyfriend, Grace, just a man. Or two.”

A tremor Grace couldn’t control coursed through her body. She did in fact know just a man. Or two.

Did she dare? The wine was certainly making her think things she wouldn’t consider otherwise.