May 10, 2013

Heart of the Woolf by Kai Andersen

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How far can she run before her secrets catch up with her?
Adrienne Lee loves her new life and new job working at Creative Minds, sure that her biggest problem is keeping her attraction to her boss under wraps. Good thing he can't see the lustful fantasies she's been having about him. That concern is overpowered by the death threats she's receiving, along with a couple of mysterious phone calls, threatening all she holds dear.
Empath Jake Woolf thinks his biggest problem is keeping the lustful thoughts his lovely and sexy subordinate is projecting out of his head, but neither Jake nor Adrienne can contain the intense passion flaring up between them.
Still hurting from a past relationship, can Jake lower his walls to let Adrienne in? Can his shifter abilities keep her safe from those who would betray her?
Product Warnings: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, anal sex, multiple partners and a single encounter of ménage a trois (mfm) that doesn't include the hero.

Note: This book has been previously published under another publisher.
Release Date: May 10, 2013
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Word count: 38,313 words

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Jake leaned back in his chair and flipped to the next page. His lips pursed. His pink tongue peeked out from between his teeth.

Heat hit her low in her belly.

Lust -- old-fashioned, basic, raw lust she kept with extra diligence from her boss.

Tension pervaded her body. A strong, yet familiar yearning caught hold of her, making her want to ... soar like an eagle with wings spread wide, break free of the restrictions she put on herself, give voice to the passion riding her veins ...

That pink tongue was really driving her crazy.

She leaned forward. Her lips caught hold of it, drawing it into her mouth. Wet and rough and sandy, the friction rubbed against the smoothness of the insides of her mouth. So hot, scorching her like the noonday sun. All heat and power and might. She drowned in the strength of his arms and in the hardness of his body. She was surrounded by him, his male scent, his warmth, his virility.

Beneath her clothes, her nipples tightened, aching to be touched. His hand brushed against the taut peaks. Electric bolts of desire sizzled through her. She leaned into his hands, yearning for him to cup and squeeze her breasts.

She sucked on his tongue, loving the rough, warm taste. She gripped the table edge for balance as she leaned closer and their mouths fused in a voracious kiss. So much passion ... What a gad-awful waste of two months! If she had only made her move earlier ...

“Adrienne ...” His voice seemed to come through a long tunnel.

“Hmm ... Jake ...”

“Yes, well ... Adrienne ...” Why did his voice sound hesitant? “Adrienne ... are you okay?”

Why did he pull away? Was she such a lousy kisser?

“Okay?” Her eyes focused. She saw the papers in his hand and the confused expression on his face. She snapped to attention. Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God! Cold sweat broke out all over her body. What had happened? Damage control first. Make that disaster recovery. “Of course, I’m okay! How can I not be?” Oops. Enough. There was something about her answer that smacked of “thou doth protest too much.”

The last vestiges of his stunned expression faded away, to be replaced by a curious little smile that hovered around his lips. He quirked his brow and asked, “Then why are you looming over me?”

* * * * *

Her full pink lips parted, tempting him to taste her.

Jake watched in amusement as Adrienne sat back in her seat, semi-gracefully. She had always been a little clumsy -- endearingly so -- especially when she was flustered. Like right now.

“I, uh, you were taking so long I decided to pressure you into hurrying up. Did I succeed?”

He almost laughed out loud at the thin excuse, but he decided to play along. “Maybe.” He returned his attention to the marketing proposal, afraid he’d be tempted to turn her thoughts into reality, considering his boxers had suddenly become a bit too tight in the last few minutes.

If she ached for him to touch her breasts, he was dying to see them, to fondle them. Would her nipples be dark brown or pink? Would her breasts fit his hands? Or would they be too small, too large, too ... right.

He clenched his fist beneath the table.

She wore no perfume, but her scent, uniquely Adrienne, drifted over to him. His half-canine nose greedily sniffed her fragrance.

As an empath, he usually put up his shield; otherwise he’d go crazy from all the emotions running amok around him. Yet, Adrienne’s desire broke through the barrier and called out to him, with its intoxicating mixture of sweet, wild, and forbidden. He could hear her thoughts and see the images in her mind, learn of her lusty fantasies with the two of them taking center stage.

He wondered how she’d taste and how she’d look the morning after. Would she still maintain her cool façade and that perfectly coiffed hair, even without her suit and those high heels that had always driven him mad with longing? Or would she be wantonly displayed against satin sheets, with slumberous eyes and lips swollen from kissing?

He was seriously considering throwing her onto his desk and having his wicked way with her, fucking her until she screamed with pleasure or fainted from exultation. The wolf in him demanded his right to such a succulent morsel, especially one who was ripe for the picking, who wanted him so much she was wet after every meeting with him.

His cock twitched, hungered to thrust into her wet warmth, to be encased by her hot cocoon ...

Until thoughts of the past intruded.